The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS)

LHC is proud to be associated with the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS). HARS arranges annual fly-pasts of its historical aircraft for the Stanwell Park Schools Kites Day and the Stanwell Park Festival of Flight.

LHC mounted a display of Hargrave models at ‘Wings Over Illawarra’ at HARS, Albion Park, in 2011.

HARS and LHC are working together to develop more working Hargrave models, including a replica of the original Radial Rotary Engine of 1889.


Camden Museum of Aviation

This museum houses the Trimaran aircraft designed by Hargrave (link to website page), and built by the Faculty of Engineering, University of Sydney in 1991. It was successfully flown in Canada. The Museum lent the Trimaran for display by LHC at the Stanwell Park Festival of Flight 1909.


HMAS Albatross Museum, Nowra

This museum houses the replica of the Hargrave Glider of 1894, built by Rob De Groote for the Centenary of Hargrave’s Kite Lift celebrations, 1994. Click here to learn more about the Glider


Stanwell Park Festival of Flight

LHC displays annually at the Festival of Flight which is generally held on the Sunday closest to 12 November.

Our aim is to draw attention to the pioneering contribution that
Lawrence Hargrave made to the development of human flight,
as well as championing his interest in the natural heritage
and cultural development of Stanwell Park.

We are available for exhibitions, displays of Lawrence Hargrave models and educational activities.
Contact the Secretary
info [at] lawrencehargravecentre [dot] com for details.